The Importance of Updating Your Web Browser

In today’s market, media is growing and updating every day – and the Web is a fast paced medium. Because of constant updates, some people are getting left in the dark and slowly fumbling their way through the internet. By not having the browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc) on your computer up to date, you will be missing new features that the most current browsers provide to improve user experience.

The old expression “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” does NOT apply here. It’s more like – “it’s probably broken, so fix it.”

First is speed. With applications that work more smoothly and efficiently, while avoiding compatibility problems associated with older versions, updating greatly helps websites run faster.

Security issues with older browsers is a huge reason to update immediately. Buying shoes, clothes, music, or anything that requires a credit card to be entered on an older browser can put your personal information at high risk. Without the security of the current browsers, it can make stealing your identity and credit card numbers very easy for a hacker.

To improve functionality of your browser and the websites you’re trying to visit, browsers are updated with newer and improved plug-ins. Plug-ins help enhance the browsing experience and address issues that the previous version might’ve had.

Updating your browser also reduces the risk of getting a virus on your computer.

Keeping your browsers up to date is a lot easier than people think. You can find out which version of your browser you have by going to the Help tab inside your browser, then click on “About ________” Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, or whichever browser you use will fill the blank. A screen will then pop up and show you which version you are using. The most current of web browsers are:
Internet Explorer 9
Firefox 11
Safari 5.1.4
Opera 11.62
SeaMonkey 2.8
Google Chrome 18
If you use another type of browser, just Google the name, and you will find the most current version.

But be warned – if your computer is still running XP or an older version, you may not be able to get these updates. (I know for a fact, Internet Explorer 9 does not have a Windows XP version).

So no matter who you are, you need to check just about every month for updates. If you need any help with updating your browser, or any other questions, feel free to email us or call us here at Smellycat Productions – 757-250-3197


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