Malware is Everywhere!

Protect your website from malwareUnfortunately, hackers these days are much more sophisticated than ones from “back in the day”.  They have “bots” that crawl the Internet, and look for any security holes in a website, server–or computer, through which they can install malware on websites, and these attacks are on the increase.

Is your website “clean” of malware?  Go to for a free check-up.  If the check-up shows your website is clean and not blacklisted, crack the bubbly!  If not, contact your webmaster ASAP! Even if your website is clean, here are some steps you can take to make sure it stays that way, for you and whoever else administers your website:

  1. Scan all computers that have admin access to your website.
  2. Run more than one virus scanner.  Malware Bytes, SpyBot Search and Destroy, ComboFix and Microsoft Security Essentials are good ones. Update your virus scanner before performing a scan.
  3. Scan your startup directory. In Windows, go to Run>msconfig and scan each item.
  4. Through your Registry Editor (Windows), scroll through each “Run” entries to look for suspicious items.

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