Social Networks Getting in the Way of Social Networking?

Most people active in social media usually have more than one social network accounts, like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, for their work or business—and it’s a challenge to manage them all! Here’s some tips to help you do just that—and make it easier for your “peeps” to find and follow you:

1. Be memorable – if you’re just starting out, create a memorable online name or brand to help others identify you and your company easily.

2. Be consistent – if your online brand name is Widget World, you’d use or

3. Leverage free online tools – Use free *profile management services like Hootsuite, Twitterfeed, Atomkeep or Tweetdeck to combine your profiles to make it easier to manage your profiles with one click. (*Note—do not rely solely on these types of services to connect with your online audience, as overuse could be detrimental to your SEO efforts).

4. Stay active – Keep your profiles active and updated; weed out old or invalid information that might confuse people.

Use these simple tips to keep your profiles clean and organized and managing them will become less of a task, giving you more time to share new experiences, discover new information and forge new relationships. After all, aren’t those the reasons you made social network profiles in the first place?

How do you manage your social media network profiles?  Share your tips here.  And when it all just becomes too much to handle, we can help!  Just give us a call or email us!


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