SEO Tips for Small Business

 SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the process that allows others to find you on the Internet, is easy to learn, but takes time to properly implement.  Here are a few tips:

  1. Learn what keywords others are using to search with Google’s free keyword tool.  Enter words and phrases in the keyword tool that you would use if you were searching for your product or service yourself, and see what Google suggests.  If you do business primarily in the US, filter their keyword suggestions by “Local Monthly Searches”.
  2. Create original content, using your best keywords.  Don’t copy and paste from someone else’s website, as search engines penalize websites that do this.
  3. Use relevant keywords in all anchor text–the visible, clickable text in a hyperlink, such as this link to Smellycat Productions, a web design, video production company in Williamsburg VA.
  4. Give visitors the opportunity to share your content by integrating social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc., into your website.  Make sure the icons of the social networks you use are easy to find and are on each page.
  5. Use descriptive URLs for your pages.  For example the URL, obviously doesn’t tell search engines what the page is about.  A URL like is far more descriptive, and search engines will pick up on that.
  6. Ask for reviews.  Invite clients and customers to give their opinion of you, your business on Google Places, Yelp!, Merchant Circle and other high-ranking websites and directories.  Make sure you add or claim and optimize your free listing on each site, first.
  7. Update your website often.  Google and other search engines like web pages with fresh content and that are SEO friendly.  If you don’t have a CMS (content management system) website, the easiest way to keep your content fresh is to add a blog to your website and blog regularly.  Every time you make a new blog post (article), you are actually making a new web page!
  8. Add your website to Google Webmaster Tools to check for problems such as the dreaded “404 page not found” error.  Use this free tool periodically to make sure your site is “hitting on all cylinders”.

SEO is not a mysterious process, but it does take time to do and involves much more than the few tips we gave you here.  If you need some guidance or just have questions, contact us or stop by our studio in the Williamsburg Outlet Mall and have a cup of coffee with us!


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