SEO Tip 1: How to Get Pandafied (or Shot Down by Penguin)

Panda, Penguin, SEO, website designWhy do you want a website? What do you want it to do for you? What can you do to help it do what you want it to do? Do you even know where to start? “You don’t know what you don’t know” so the old saying goes. These days, what you don’t know about your website can make or break your business.  This is the first of a series of tips Smellycat Productions is publishing to help increase your business–and to help you stay in business:

Tip 1: Don’t get “Pandified”!

It’s been two years since Google unleashed its Panda algorithm change, and 20+ Penguin updates since. In short, websites not meeting Google’s new search engine standards, could get slammed or “Pandafied” (yes–this is what it is called).  Here’s a short list of what can get a website Pandified:

•High percentage of duplicated content
•Little original content (i.e. content copied from another site)
•A lot of pages with little original content
•A lot of inappropriate or unrelated advertisements
•Page content that does not match what is being searched for
•Unnatural overuse of a word on a page (“keyword stuffing”)
•High bounce rate (visitors leaving shortly after “landing”, resulting in low visit times)
•Low percentage of return visitors
•Backlinks from low-ranking, poor quality sites

Google Panda is intended to serve only high-quality sites by weeding out low-quality sites or sites cheating the system. It rewards good, informative sites by serving them first to searchers. It runs an update (Penguin) every four to seven weeks, which means if your site gets “Pandafied” (penalized by Google), you’ll have to wait until the next update to find out if it’s been “de-Pandafied”.

On the bright side–if you’re doing none of these and everything else right, then you have nothing to worry about! To learn more go to Google’s blog.

Is your website not showing up in searches, or does it receive little (or no!) traffic?  Or do you even know?  Email us or give us a call; we’ll show you what you need to know!


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