Client of the Month: Jacks ‘R’ Better

Jacks ‘R’ Better, LLC is based in Williamsburg VA and owned and operated by Jack Myers and Jack Tier, two retired Army officers with combined 50 years of active duty service. They have command experience from platoon level to brigade sized units. Between them they have the equivalent of two Bachelors degrees and four Masters degrees, over 20 years of combat development experience, and have program management experience on a wide variety of highly technical, multi-billion dollar programs.

The “Jacks” made the first commercially available, down, hammock under quilt. They also sell light weight, high quality down filled quilts, the unique Bear Mountain Bridge Hammock (the worlds only lay flat, lay straight hammock), and assorted other hiking gear and accessories.

Jacks ‘R’ Better states that one of their primary goals when they started their business was “to make hammock camping a year-round activity. Through our personal experiences while backpacking and our efforts to reduce our pack weights and improve our comfort we discovered hammock camping and then developed a way to efficiently insulate the underside of the hammock to enable hammock camping year-round. We started the business because we wanted to offer that opportunity to the rest of the backpacking/camping community.”

Jacks ‘R’ Better has the best reputation and are the premier ultra light camping gear specialists and suppliers in the US, and carry everything you will need in order to stay dry, warm, and comfortable while camping.

You can visit and shop at the Jacks ‘R’ Better’s eCommerce website (built by Smellycat Productions of course!)  at


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